Thursday, 18 October 2012

Product Review: Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream

Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence, but since my studies begun I have been quite busy, especially as it is my final year at the University, so I have twice more work to do than in previous years. Anyway, here I am with another review. This time it's a hand cream.
Possibly you all know Burt's Bees - it is actually very nice range of natural products, which I like a lot. I purchased this cream just because it was part of 3 for 2 deal in my local Boots store, where I was looking for something to pamper my feet and a lip balm. So this one was an added bonus.
first what attracted me to this product was the indication that it is 100% natural
It has Shea and cocoa butters and sesame oil. It is very good and effective cream for really dry hands. Cream is rich, but absorbs easily and doesn't leave sticky or greasy residue. It really works well and solves the dry hand dilemma brilliantly, but there is one big minus... The smell. How do you think it smells? Previously I had creams with Shea butter, which has very pleasant smell. Cocoa butter smell reminds me of white chocolate. Sesame, well it smells like sesame, it's OK, but nothing special. This cream doesn't smell like any of these products. And let me tell you - it smells awful... Horrible... Disgusting... It makes my eyes burn and I feel like I am going to faint after that aroma. How should I describe it? Well... Burnt wood or coal... Or even ashes - I remember that smell, as I used to have a fireplace than required frequent cleaning...
This is the main reason why I only use this cream at night - I apply it on and hide my hands under the duvet.
So overall the product is nice, but the scent is the deal breaker for me, so I am going to use this tube and never ever buy this again... Any suggestions for a nice smelling and natural hand cream? I would be very happy to hear them.



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